b16a distributor question

basically i have worked as far as the 3 black sensors in my dist being the problem .[crk,cyp cam] correct me if im wrong please.

reason im asking is my second dist gives nearly the same readings are these sensors a common fault ?

with the harness disconnected i get 5-6 volts on one set of wires and 0-1 volt on the second set and 0 -1 on the last set .

from what i have been reading all 3 sets should give roughly the same reading .

can i purchase those sensors or is it cheaper to get a whole new dist ?

please mention suppliers if you have a good one .


Most of the time it is the coil that goes bad, and it’s easily replaced.

However, most aftermarket parts are known to have a high rate of failure. The last time I got a coil from my local parts store, I had to replace it three times before I got a coil that actually lasted longer than a week.

If you don’t buy OEM, make sure that whatever you buy has a decent warranty because you’ll probably end up needing it.

new coil and igniter check out fine .

two of the other three differ and they are the only odd ones out in the ignition system so far