b16a exhust

i just got my b16a today and im wondering if i should use its stock manifold or the one from my b18a1

the one from my b18a1 is 4-1 and the b16a1 is 4-2
the only thing is i would have too get a downpipe to extend it to meet up with my cat…

so basicly what would be the perforamce loss or prolems with useing my b18a1 manifold
or can i use a g2 92-93 downpipe? would that work i belive they use 4-2-1 like the b16

all I know is my ls exhaust manifold prob had 1.25 inch piping on the down pipe if that inside its pathetic, b16`s need good exahsut flow or they will perform pretty bad, but I say put it on, and plan on getting a nice header in the near future.

ur going to need to have a second o2 bung welded in. jdm b16s use 2 o2 sensor. what i did was cut the midpipe about 6 inches from the flange, went to autozone and got that flexpipe BS for like 5 bux and extended it 4 inches with that and clamped it down really tight. works well so far. but if you have a nice exhuast i would have it more profesionally done. This was a customers car and i had his approval cause he didnt have extra money at the time for it. lol, i still havent seen the rest of the money he owes me…but thats a whole other situation. :bang: :bang:

do you have an idea how much it would cost for a pipe to extend it labor and parts?

prob like 50 bucks