b16a ls/vtec or just a b18c1 motor swap

I already know that the b16a motor doesn’t produce as much hp or tq as the b18c1 but if the b16a head was bolted onto an Ls block, would that make up any ground on the b18c1??? Also, would it be possible to use cams from the b18c1 on the b16a head to add hp??? For that matter, would it be possible to use type-r cams in the b16a head or would that end up being a waste of time??? I plan on doing an ls/vtec conversion to my 90 Ls but it seems like there’s more to the conversion than what people usually hear and it almost seems like swapping in a b18c1 motor would be a better bet than doing the conversion and using add-ons to equal the hp of the b18c1.
One more question, would an ls/vtec using the b16a head be able to compete with a b18c1 considering that both cars are stock???

from the few dyno charts i’ve seen of ls/vtec engines with a few mods (like cams and pistons), they have way more hp than the gsr, like 170 - 180 measured at the wheels. I wouldn’t mind seeing a bone stock ls/vtec dyno chart or any numbers at all. Anybody?