B16a pistons in a B17a??

Ok I was thinking since higher compression equals higher power right? Well I was wondering if it is possible to put B16a pistons in my B17a which would raise my compression correct?

Yes they’ll work fine. Do a search for comression calculator and you can punch the numbers yourself.

eric is 100% correct. check out this compression ratio calculator: http://www.c-speedracing.com/howto/compcalc/compcalc.html Its a great tool.

oh, and so you know. there are 2 different b16a pistons to choose from. The pr3’s and the p30’s. And actually there are other piston options too depending on what compression you would like to run (usdm and jdm itr and ctr). Check out the calculator to see what will work for your needs. OH, and by the way, i’m putting p30’s into my b17.