B16a primary o2 sensor location

Which o2 sensor is the primary one? is it closer to the passenger’s side or to the drivebelt side… I know the primary one goes into c16 and secondary into c8 in the harness. also if using the b18a ecu-harness do you have to take the o2 wire thats in the c16 pin and switch it into the c8 pin? Thanx plz respond asap

someone’s got to know this!! plz give me some info

how does no one know the answer to this??? i know lots of you have b16a swaps done. Well i thought the o2 sensor closest to the drivebelt was the primary one so i swapped the pin location at my ecu and the engine seems to run a bit better… it’s still hesitating at idle(hot or cold) and while driving at lower rpms. am i correct with th o2 sensors>?


with my o2 sensors set up this way i do have a bog in the top end now but the surging/hesitation seems to be gone. is this the proper set up?

O2 sensor #1 is:

(C16 on the PR3 or PW0 ecu)
GREEN connector
monitors cylinders 1 & 4

O2 sensor #2 is:

(C8 on the PR3 or PW0 ecu)
WHITE connector
monitors cylinders 2 & 3

ye man, i know which pins on the ecu are for the primary (c16) and secondary(c8) but i need to know which o2 sensor is primary and which is secondary where they attached at the exaust manifold… is the one closest to drivebelts primray or secondary???

Do you know which cylinders are 1 & 4???
If you did then you would have understood my last post.
The primary o2 Sensor is c16 which monitors cylinders
1 & 4, and that would be closest to the drive belt.

and by the way

i did search man, thru every o2 sensor post, thanx tho