b16a smog issues (yes another one)

i have a 91 b16a in my teg, and i’m replacing my cat/o2 sensors to hopefully get a bar sticker on my car. I’m confused though, my mechanic says i have a 4 wire o2 sensor, that’s all cool, but will my ECU need to be changed? I have the stock ecu for that year car, but will it need to be changed in order for me to pass emissions? TIA

if you have a 91 then the O2 sensor only has one wire not four. 1st gen jdm b16a come with 2 O2 sensors. to pass smog you’ll probably have to hook up both O2 sensors.

thanks for the reply, does anyone have AIM that i can chat with about my smog problems? i’m gunna shoot myself in the head if i can’t figure out what’s wrong :vomit:

Are you using an LS ecu or a VTEC ecu?? I’m on AIM only on occasion but you can feel free to e-mail me at anytime. What are you measurements for idle and 2500 rpm? HC too high usually means uncatilyzed exhaust. (Bad cat) CO too high usually means unburned fuel. (Bad O2 sensor or too much fuel pressure etc.)


azboy: His car is a 92+ obviously if hes using a four wire heated o2 sensor.