B16A swap, what do you guys think?

I have a 91 GS. I have ‘bout 140k on it. I was was looking into putn’ in a b16. I know there is a loss in torque. But i’m gaining 30 houses and the high revs of vtec. I was wondering what you guys thought about the whole idea. Have any of you guys done it and liked it…let me know.
Dan :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah i was wondering also if you would be able to notice the drop in torque, the torque drop made me want to go for a different engine but the only problem is i dont have enough money for anything like a B18C

Well, I’m waiting for my b16a and tranny to ship here. The torque loss was thought over but I decided on the b16a anyway. Did I mention some Type-R cams were on they’re way too? I say switch out the stock cams with some CTR or ITR cams and you’ll be good to go. I got mine for $400 and I’m sure you can find some for that cheap too.

ya I was thinking of going b16a too but I dunno…

but I have so many questions that need to figure out

i just put a b16a motor in my 90 gs and i love it!! alot better than the stock motor.,takes alittle while to get used to the torque loss but it is one sweet motor,and vtec sound kicks ass!!:smiley:

love mine also. If you get the S1 tranny with your motor you won’t really notice a torque drop b/c of the shorter final drive. I find my car to be much more fun to drive, faster, and more driveable then it was before.

thats the tranny i have to it kicks ass !!!

i say. . .

leave the little b16’s for the crx’s and light hatchbacks. if your going to do the swap why not the b20 or perhaps just an lsvtec.

You will notice the loss in torque. its a great motor though. vtec rules.

you can always later buy a b18c block ot make up for your toque.

id go for it not everyone is rich to go out by a better motor its the best motor for the money…


true enuf, you can get the b16 cheap, but if your going for gains than your not going to get any significant performance with that transplant. we have to keep in mind how heavy our car is compared to the fast b16 hybrids you see. it all depends on your goal. you can get a lsvtec for cheap too though…just gotta shop around.

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Originally posted by integgieLS
we have to keep in mind how heavy our car is compared to the fast b16 hybrids you see. it all depends on your goal. you can get a lsvtec for cheap too though…just gotta shop around.

then why did honda throw the b17a in my car? huh? or the b16a in the Xsi? (jdm integra)

and LS-vtec is not reliable at all, and definately isn’t gonna be cheap if you wanna do it right. sure the stroke may be longer BUT the stroke isn’t built to rev to 8grand. $$$$ - rod ratio sucks killing yer relialibllity. ask how many people have ls /vtec and ask how many have b16as… youll get yer answer from that…

true losing torque sucks. if you dont wanna lose torque, build yer LS, there are plenty on here that have done it (BR, Mango, g2guru did his old motor ) but if you are looking to the future, swap in that b16a and start buildling. you wont be disappointed…

hope that helped.

yea i was thinking about the b20 deal…but i don’t have close to enough moe to buy all that. and i have 140k on my car. if i get a B16 with 40k or less then i’m also paying for a lot of life added to her. plus 30 horses and vtec, sounds good to me. then after that if i wanna go more torque then i’ll think about a higher block but tell then i think i’m gonna look at the b16’s…thanx for all the help guys.

Dan :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d just shop around to see what is the best deal out there. I got my engine/tranny combo for a great deal ($750 for b16a/S1 tranny) then I used the rest of the money to get some Type-R cams and a modified ECU.

Like other peeps said, the gears and the revs make up for the loss in torque. The loss in torque is always a question but then again, the Integra XSi did just fine.