b16a w/ lightned rotating assembly - can it spin faster?

is it possible that to a certain point, it just doesnt feel different anymore?

i mean, for a stock internals 1st gen b16a, making 100lb’s torque to the wheels (around there) just having the parts:

ctr crankpulley, itr flywheel

then changing out the flywheel with a 10lb one now, it doesnt feel that different, and under load, it doesnt feel that much different either… do you guys think that i would need to upgrade valvetrain & cams and it would put better use to the lighter flywheel & lighter rotating assembly?

it was just running through my mind…

i’ve heard of people having extremely light rotating assemblies, and having a chipped ecu and everytime they would rev up and let the rpms drop down, it would actually die out sometimes… (Ryan sac thug crew) but that has never happened to me, i forgot what motor he had in that car, but im sure it wasnt a b16a. so whatever it was, had more torque, so would that be the reason then?

Your question have me curious.
I’m pretty sure, lightening the rotating assembely would increase the rev rate and free up some horse power, same as if you were to replace the crank pully ,flywheel , knife-edge crank… and such.
You might not feel a diffrence while accelerating but you should feel a diffrence in the throttle response.

You’ll feel a difference in your pocketbook when you gas up, as well. A lighter rotating assembly will have less inertia to keep itself spinning, and will therefore require a bit more throttle at cruising speed. This will affect your gas mileage, but I’m not certain as to how much. However, a lighter rotating assembly will also rev faster than a heavier one, so in a B16 it means getting to the power band faster.

I never concidered the affects a lighter assembly would have on gas milage… but you are correct…this would be at crusings speeds… where it might take less energy to accelerate up to crusing speeds. I guess this is why the factory spend so much money in R&D.

if you want it to rev faster, buy a bigger block. as for the flywheel not feeling much different, are you sure its a 10LBS that you have? lastly, i would never put anything heavier than a 7lbs on a b16. for obvious reasons

im not asking how to make it spin faster, im just trying to find out if it’s possible to max out how fast the 1.6 motor can spin…

i would’ve put in a 7lb flywheel too, but the 10 lb was given to me, and i had a itr flywheel in before… so i lost 5 lb’s :up:

yes im sure it’s a 10lb

How fast a rotating assembly can spin at its maximum is relative to its balance more than how much it weighs.

bender made a good point… but i’m sure you can “max-out” the rate of which the rotating assembly can spin… as with anything…

Oh, certainly. No engine is balanced perfectly. Even the most tightly-built rotary won’t go above 20,000 RPM (at least I don’t think it will). However, from what I’ve seen it’s easier to get a B16 to spin high RPM’s than it is a B18 (of any variant). There’s simply less inertia in a B16…the one benifit of shorter rods.

dont forget about piston speed. also definatly a limiting factor

Bender…do you know much about rotaries?

No, but I’d sure like to learn more. I should pick up an old RX-7 from 1982 and take that fucker apart. I’ve heard they make fantastic SCCA Club racing cars, anyway.