b16a wiring help please!

i am having trouble wiring my b16 into my 91 teg. please dont tell me to see the ecu pinout page on this site, because i have been there and it just isnt adding up. if anyone has specific locations, and/or colors for wires to add to the harness, please let me know. also, can i just plug the harness into the ecu as it is and drive it without vtec till i get it straigtened out?

also, the crossmember that runs from the front to rear subframe will not mount now due to the wider front pipe. any ideas?
thanks in advance.

you might have to get the xmember bent. You can run it with no vtec until you get it hooked up with no prolbems. You should check out www.zdyne.com for their 1 wire b16 conversion. I think its for civics, but I’m sure it will still work.