b16a2 swap questions

ok just a quick couple of question I am swapping a b16a2 into my 90 Gs

  1. do I keep everything obd0? Or can I just use all the obd2 stuff I have everything.
  2. the tranny is hydro can I replace my ls gears with the s4 gears? because i want to stay cable and I herd the ls tranny is crap with the b16a2
    3.can anyone point me in the direction as to wiring up the harness and vtec,etc
    4.its a pretty straight forward swap rite because it is my first

any help is greatly appreciated thanks!

I have searched

hopefully someone who knows more will give you more info, but from what i know…:

you can only swap hydro gears into a ys1 tranny. can’t do it with anything else.

you should turn everything obd0 if you do not plan to convert to obd1.

you should realize that you will have to extend your water temp sensor and map sensor wires as they will be in different locations.

you may want to consider converting to obd1. you can stay obd0 but you will have to find an obd0 vtec ecu or ghetto rig some other form of vtec engagement. you will also have to find a vtec obd0 distributor or you will have to chop a leg off of the existing distributor as it will not bolt up in its original form

if you convert to obd1, the vtec conversion harness will have provisions for all the extra stuff you need to run vtec. however, if you go this route, you will have to mess (i think) with the obd2 distributor and get a 4 wire o2 sensor

also, you should take a look at the tegtips on engine swaps. i think this info is there. good luck!

Go to autozone or autoadvanced they got the honda swap guides. A whole book for any honda/acura daht u are trying 2 swap. Also shows pics 2 make it easy

our teg tips are a bit more specific to swaps cuz its for our cars n stuff. think about it… its not the first time a b16 has been swapped into a DA.