B17 AND B18C oil pick up tube length.

I was wondering if any of you guys know the exact length of the oil pick up tube for a b17 and a b18c5.

The reason i asked is becuase i have a b17 and i just installed a mugen oil pan on it, but it’s said that it wont work because the oil pick up tube is not as long as the b18c5 one. But i know that the b16 oil pick up tube is shorter, but does anyone have the length of a b17 oil pick up tube? just wondering if i should keep the mugen oil pan on, or go back to stock.

no my oil light has not come on, and i have been driving normally and hard as well.

any info that you guys have is appreciated.

Luis, where is the oil level on the dipstick?

i would probably replace or extend that, because the biggest problem i’ve heard of w/ c5 pan on non c5 was when the car was driving in a circle,wat if you don’t notice anything until it’s too late? my buddy had that setup and his oil light would actually come on if he drove on a particular access ramp that was like a corkscrew. after the engine had like 220K it started eating oil like a motherfucker and even if it was just a little low the oil light would come on if he started taking any aggressive turns at all-more than is normal for our cars. i have no idea how to modify your current pickup or even if it’s necessary, just my .02 :rockon:

it’s close to 2nd dot on the top part of the oil dip stick, but it’s fine in oil (of course it’s still leaking a bit) but i hope that just tightening the bolts could help the leaking to stop.

And i have taken the 55 on ramp from the 5 fwy by my work pretty hard, which is a 180, but still the light does not come on and i have no problem with it.

I think you’re going to be fine with that pan on your car. Just make sure you keep the oil filled.

Bring that bish over this weekend and I’ll take a look @ the pan gasket again.

My thoughts:

Even though the pan is deeper, the dipstick hasn’t changed so full on the dipstick is still full for the pickup. Low on the stick will be low for the pickup. I think with the P72, you gained an extra 1/2 quart of oil capacity.

Now, if you tried to fit a PR3 pan on a B18c, that wouldn’t work.

see that’s what i’m thinking duy, it’s just more oil will be needed. and i’ll bring it by on saturday morning if that’s cool with you duy?

To add more oil? Jeeze luis

to tighten the bolts and check the gasket. and maybe scott will have my bolts by then, and we can try to install my exhaust :clap: