b17 build up

yea, thats one thing i was not so sure of…for some reason i kept thinking that b17 rods are b16 length…thanks though. im just a little new to the b17. as far as shot peening the rods, about how much should i expect to pay(a fair price) and im sorry but i work on hondas extensively but what exactly is shot peening rods? we may call it something different at the shop. well yes, i do wanna do that if it is cost effective compared to new rods, and and will have the block cleaned up and checked before putting it together…i should go with p30 .25 oversized right? well, i might go with pr3s just because theyre easier to get. so just with piston replacement and stock head what shoud i expect running as far as power figures. i know the b17 is way underrated just becaus of those DAMN low CR pistons, but the new ones should make an impressive power jump right? if you could email me as much info and options as you can to hondaoemparts@hotmail.com

thanks alot man!

What are you doing? It looks like you’re replying to posts, but starting new threads instread…

yeah, you started a new thread by accident. delete this post and re-post it as a reply to your other topic. i’ll answer your the rest of your questions when you do that. i’m don’t have time to do it right now anyway, but i’ll be back on later tonight.