B17 Ls/vtec

aight people i need your opinion … i have a 93 b17 engine i just got … and my ride is a 90 rs i want to put the b17 head on my ls block … is that a good idea and how much work would be involved … someone told me i need a distributor and an ecu from a jdm engine? any suggestions or comments would help , thanks

do a search for ls/vtec, and check the teg tips on how to do one —there is a lot of info here on this site about ls/vtec swaps.

personally i’d just build up the b17a and then swap that in by itself. Just be aware that if you do go ls/vtec that your block is going to require a full rebuild and some stronger parts in order to make it be safe at higher revs.

do some reading and info gathering, then come back and ask questions about the specifics.

first of all…is the B17 in good condition…and is your block in a good condition…


y destroy a perfectly runnin VTEC motor to build something your not sure about…

i would just drop the B17 in the car and mod it…


if the B17 has ALOT of miles on it…and your LS has low miles…then i can understand your position…i would swap the head…


but if both your ls and the B17 has high miles…then try and get a hold of a B20Z block…or a B18A/B with low miles and take your time to build a perfect LS/VTEC.

and then you will be happy.

drop in the b17a, ls/vtec is too much work and too much to worry about if you ask me, just swap in the b17a, you will be happy


well my stock ls has 123k miles and the b17a has 127k , i guess i should just drop the b17 in so i dont have to worry about spending too much money on anything else. i dont know if those numbers are considered high mileage already, but im gonna think about it, thanks guys … if you have any more suggestions please let me know