B17 transmission problem...don't know what's wrong...runs good but slips

Ok I having problems with my transmission or its probably something else…when driving at 60 plus miles my transmission slips out of nowhere. I’m already in 5th gear when it happens…when pressing gas more it jus revs so I’m on the highway and I’ll try to downshift slowy so it would pick up in the other gears but it would still not so…I try 4th nope. 3rd nope…so pulling over is my best move…wait for cars to pass and put back in 1st gear. It drives fine again. WTF…weird as shit. It happens like alot of the times. All happens on freeways only. Plus also my driver axle is clicking. My clutch is new from oreillys like 3 to 4 k miles on it… Sachs clutch. Wheel bearing is gonna need to be replace soon…my tranny I just swap. It is a b17a1 short geared. It got the b17 tranny when clutch got replaced. I was told it had 12xxxx which I don’t believe. It shifts good too. No grinds as going into gears. Also since my car was on jack stands I replaced both axles since I have lifetime with remanufactured at autozone. Also I replaced the intermediate outer shaft bushing oem Acura. It was driving fine with all this. Than a month later I bought me some dc2 ground controls and slapped them on. And dropped my car more like almost slammed. Mayb one finger gap. I had em for a few days only and swap em for some fake generic skunk 2 coilovers which was like 4x4 height. It dropped my fronts but rears where stock height. But anyways after that my axle started to click. Left side I believe. And all I explained Above started to happened.

But my most major concern is. In a few weeks or so I’m gonna buy me a swap from Hmotorsonline…here’s my options

B16a xsi JDM obd1 complete with ys1 tranny b16 axles ecu harness longblock= $2000.00


B18c JDM gsr spec obd1 longblock only $2000 since I already have my b17 YS1 short geared. But thing is I don’t know if my transmission is messed up or not. If its not I’ll get this set up. But if it is. I’ll just buy the above and not worry bout anything…

What do you g2 guys think??

Thanks for reading. Long story

seems like there is something internally wrong. mine would do that but it would only pop out 5th gear. i had a jdm b16 trans, al other gears were fine. hows the oil level on the tranny

Last time I check oil on tranny was like a few months ago and it was good. I used Acura dealership oil too…damn. So mayb it could be the internals? If is or not mayb I should just get the b16 xsi complete and rebuild the b17 tranny. But I would rather still prefer the b18c gsr.

b17 trans are great. the only downfall with the b18c is it would be hydro ands you would have to convert it. that decision woul dto tally be up to you

The B17 tranny is shorter geared than the B18c GSR. The B17 has a shorter first and fifth than the
USDM type r, but 2,3,4 are the same. A lot of people consider the B17 gearing to be the best. I have a 93 GSR and was having problems with it not wanting to shift down at freeway speeds. I put in a JDM type r with 4:7 final drive and a hydro conversion. The ratio’s were farther apart and 4 really sucked. So I had my original tranny rebuilt. Turns out my synchros were worn down. Had an Mfactory LSD installed in it while it was getting fixed and now I love it all over again