B17a-->B16a Clutch?

Ok i just had a question about a swap im gonna do in a little while. I am going to be putting the JDM B16a Long block into my 92 GSR, but im using the original B17a transmission. I wanted to replace the clutch while it was out in the open. I was just curious, does anyone know what clutch i would use? B16a engine, B17a tranny. I havent really learned much about clutches, anone know which clutch i need? such as, (the clutch itself) Not brand wise, although that would help, and what stage, but… mainly which clutch would i ask for if i go into a performance shop, or look for it online. Just, B17a clutch, or B16a clutch? or are they the same thing. What all do i need to replace? Thanks guys laters.

90-91 tranny have small spline and 92 and up integra have big spline,so used any 92 and up integra clutch.

engine does not matter to clutch, just the trans. If you are keeping a 92 YS1, get a 92-up clutch. Will be the same for all 92-up B-series transmissions.

Lots of people, including myself, have the Exedy Organic racing clutch and like it. ACT and Clutchmasters also makes good clutches, often more expensive than the Exedy though.


thanks guys, on the exedy organic clutch, are those rated in stages? 1,2,3 stage 1, stage 2, and stage 3? Just curious, I’m gonna build the B17a while it’s out and later put it back into the car, what stage would be good if hoping to push around 190-200hp to the crank? I believe stage 2 would be ok? or is the organic clutch not in stages and could handle that. Also, u know of a good web site to find that exedy organic clutch>? Thanks guys. Laters

Would this be a good buy?


And i heard the fly wheel should be resurfaced? Correct? or does a new one come with the clutch.?

or would this be better?

Comes with flywheel for about 40$ more.? Is this clutch not as nice as the first posted Ebay item.?

The clutches should be the same, you could contact the sellers and ask for part numbers. clutchcityonline (first post) is recommended by lots of people on here. $40 for a flywheel seems kind of shady, and you might not want something that only weighs 8 lbs (I believe stock is 18, not the 13 they said). You should either resurface your stock flywheel or buy a new one, the normal Exedy kit will not include it.


At this web site where it says:

(92-93 Integra, B-Series, Cable)

1.) Heavy Duty Pressure Plate with Full Faced Organic Disc

Torque increase- 32% 08-800-A $254.00

2.) Heavy Duty Pressure Plate with Thin Sprung-Hub Cerametallic Disc

Torque Increase- 72% 08-900-A $397.00

What does it mean by Torque Increase? Its not talking about the torque “engine wise” is it? If the torque on the B16a JDM is 116lb-ft it would be like 146lb-ft ??? Or is it just talking about the holding capacity? torque increase?? IF so, which would u buy? saveup the extra 150$ and get the second? or just get the organic?
Also, at that site for cityclutchonline, where is says B-series cable 92-93. That would fit the B17a tranny? Or would it be a different one?
Thanks man, dont mean to sound stupid, just never shopped for clutches before.

all 92-93 (and 94-up) B-series clutch disks are interchangable. Anything advertized for 92-93 should fit all 92-93.

I believe the rating indicates how much additional engine torque the clutch can handle over the stock clutch. The stock clutch can handle somewhat more than 116 lb-ft, figure it’s good up to at least 32% over the stock torque of an LS, which equals 166 lb-ft. The cerametallic disc is going to be harder to drive than the organic one, If you are staying NA you can probably stick with the organic.