B17a -> B18c1

I am purchasing a B18c1 bare block. Will the ODB1 sensors, etc. from my b17a1 bolt right up?
Also, will the b17a oil pan fit?


When you say Bare block how Bare is it ?

Does it have a Crank Rods and pistons ?? the B17a Rotating Assembly will not yield much in the way of compression if you use it with stock Pistons.

the head will bolt up fine and give you the major parts for a Poorman’s ITR.

The Oil pan should work if you use the B17a Sump … Not sure if you will be able to use the stock G3 GSR block Girdle…

we need a little more detail to help you out…Tell us all the parts you are getting with the B18c Block…

this is just a guess but won’t your b17 oil pan be smaller than for a b18. hence 1.7 L and 1.8L

Oil pan has nothing to do with Displacement… Thank you please drive through… :giggle:

LMTOteggie Yes the oil pan for the B17A is smaller than that of a B18C#.

If im right (dan hasnt shot me down yet!) the gasket for the B series is the same, the pans for the Vtec motors are interchangeable (sp). but the B17 pan is smaller. I went from my b18a in my 91 sedan to the B17A and am in the process of getting a new B18C pan (Morroso sp). The B17A one looks like it was used for the “Homerun Durby” its jacked. i think it now holds only 2qts of oil. not good.