b17a swap help

Ok I have acquired a spare b17a engine, trans, ecu, and harness. I want to throw it into a second gen CRX. Now my freind says if I swap it I would have to change the distributer because a b17a has a JDM OBD-0. Is he right. How hard would it be to do this swap, and would I need to change anything else?

The B17 is OBDI, not OBD0.



the swap is a breeze. You will go about the swap EXACTLY like you were swapping it into a 90-91 teg (Read The Teg Tips!), with the exception of the specific “b series motor into ef civic” changes that need to be made.

These specific ef civic changes i’m sure you already know about…like needing a motor mount kit, header/exhaust alterations, and finally modified shift linkage.