b18 a 1 motor ? rebuild or vtec?

ey guys i picked up a b18 a 1 ls head 10 000km freshly built… relatively cheapp, upon purchasing this i decided to go wit ls head and block and rebuild, after reading forum after forum, people convinced me that B18 a1’s are good motors and have alot of potential. Upon, my descion I’m wondering If you guys think it;s a good idea too go with the b18 a 1? and your opinion on the power you can get from 1 … ok thanks

If you’re talking VTEC or non-VTEC… then I’m…


Do some searching on this subject. Its a billion years old and I -hate- when it gets brought up because it brings out the stupid in people.

Integra_boi10 i was in the same situation… i had the choise of building a b20 all motor or going crvtec (since i got a complete p72 head for $200.00 USD). im going vtec, in fact i gave my head to the machine shop and it should be ready for monday… its going to go in stock but eventually i will make more power with a well/properly built crvtec… i cant wait to put everything together…

rebuild bottom and go vtec :rockon: isnt the b18a ideal anyways for lsvtec because of their pcv system no need to make one? just do JDM ITR pistons balance the crank and new rod bolts and bearings. and even with a stock gsr head u will definately love the power increase.