b18a Build-up (b20 cams?)

Okay, not sure what to do. I could do a swap next march but I really wanna do a build up on my stock motor. Would b20 Cams make much a difference in my car? and aside from taking everything apart to get to them, Is there a certain way I MUST lay these in or can I just match them with the ones that are in there?

Anyone know how much b20 cams will cost me used, or new?

will this even be worth doing?

Lots of questions I know, but with so many options, I w ant somethign fun.

Difference will be negligible. If they are cheap, go for it. If not, don’t waste your time.

You should be able to get the cams for less than $50.

The cams pretty much only go in one way. Use lots of lube.

So, they’ll dro p right in? nothing special to do but oil them up?

I wouldn’t put the b20 cams in…
I ditched mine when I got a b20 head in favour of a set of '96LS cams.

Im running 98 LS Cams… I got them for $50 cam with Cam gears, keys and bolts and new Cam seals.

Notice an upgrade runing with those? I can find those pretty easily i think

Use lots of motor ass’y lube on the lobes.

B20 and 94 up LS cams are basically the same from what I understand.

After installing the cams, start the car and run it at about 2000 RPM for 15 minutes or so. Cams dont’ really need to be “broken in” but I always follow this procedure and have never had any problems.

Then you are good to go.

Sounds easy enough, I appreciate all of your guys’ input. Is there an easy way to tell if Someone is trying to “screw” me on these? You know, wear and tear i need to watch for.

I hate when people say “jew” in a negative way like that.

Sry, I mean Screwed.