B18a compression test, share with us

I though it would be cool to compare with eachother result without searching the entire board…

Well to begin, i have this: 1990 Integra RS 4 doors sedan, 5 speed, bone stock except for an intake and exaust, 206000kms

Cylinder 1: 200psi
Cylinder 2: 200psi
Cylinder 3: 198psi
Cylinder 4: 205psi

Please reply with your car, year, and mileage

Hey man!

I didn’t do a comp. test lately but I noticed you were from Riviere-Du-Loup! My GF family lives there! maybe I’ll drop by this summer for a lil mini-meet! :slight_smile:

Ok, on topic now!

I did my comp. test about a year ago with about 200000KM on the odo and got about 180-185 on all 4 cylinders! Don’t remember the exact numbers though!

90 GS 2 doors with I/H/E