b18a1 bored to 2.0 liters ls v-tec help! ! !

like the thread says, i have a b18a1 that i bored to 2 liters and planning to go lsv-tec, balanced and knife edged the crank that came with it. i would like some help in the piston, rods, and bearing area. would a y1 tranny be a good combo for this build? what would go best with the build im doing and where would be the best place to get them at. the head is a jdm b16a. im going all motor and i would like to go with high compression. i appreciate all the help and suggestions i can get. also what hp do you guys think i will be making?

pistons/rods contact import builders.com

I’m sure that guy has a good selection of parts, and may be a pretty good machinist, but, he has a link on his page to a get rich quick scheme. Machinists in generally aren’t know for their honest living. They are worse then most mechanics. This one already shows he’s trying to get rich quick, so he probaly charges some insane pricing. Just my opinion.

not really sure know what you mean by that, but i guess.