B18a1 gsr head

So I have the oportunity to get a GSR Head and Im debating on it if I do I know Im gonna need new ECU and harnes mainly but not 100 % sure about the rest of the stuf that I would need. Im curently runing 10-4 Comp pistons in my A1 with stock rods and it already has 10k in the motor and its runing strong. But I would like to swap that V-Tec head what do you guys think would you go through with it? I know that if I do I wanna get everything I need 1st so that I can just make it a weekend swap. Just to through it out there Im runing the YS1 (SHORT) Tranny now and the swap would def be a DD as Im in College and work.

you would just need everything to a vtec conversion. i think golden eagle is the company you want to look into. i would go for it… why not =\

you can chip a p28 or get one for cheap, load a shared ls-vtec map and be on your way. you can even get it tuned if you want. if all your stuff is mostly stock then i wouldnt really worry about it =\

got for it… get the head

unfortunately the guy changed his mind so no V-Tec for me ugh thanks for the info I did end up looking into it and its not so bad of a build.