b18a1 problems

ok so i have a b18a1 in my 91 integra and i did the timing finally got it right all cylinders firing but its still missing any ideas im going nut or did i time to the wrong crank mark there is three together and one all by itself

And which one did you line up with?

the one all by its self

Have you checked the plugs, rotor, cap and wires?

Yes that’s the first thing I did plus its brand new plus cap wire rotor

yes one by itself did u align the cams too? is the 2nd pic ur looking for? did u make sure it didnt jump a tooth after start up? how is ur advance timing?




yes i aligned my cams but the marks in picture two mine are on other side of grooves???

[QUOTE=91integraguy;2279938]…mine are on other side of grooves???[/QUOTE]The little notches for the timing marks are actually on both sides of the crank pulley, but the red and white may be worn off or covered by dirt/rust on one side.

i retimed it got it perfect its still missing and running kinda rough

is this happening when it is cold or after it is at operating temperatures?

if at operating temps I’d be suspect of the o2 sensor…

both cold and warm