B18A1 rebuild or B16 swap

which do you think is better and faster?

B18A1 = torque

B16 = vtec

how much would it cost to rebuild B18A1(stock internals) or complete B16 swap

I’ve had both (well stock B18A) and now I have my B16A and there is no comparison. VTEC rules…I personally love it. There is nothing like winding the car out to 8k and then throwing the next gear…if you want my opinion, go B16A or LS/VTEC swap. The you can have the best of both worlds. Oh and the only downside to the B16A is, of course, not torque at all.

hey im selling my complete swap…

i got a b16 complete with tranny and computer this engine really rocks…low mileage too…so let me …

B16 is pretty good becuase it has vtec, but seems like everybody has one. I would keep the b18a to be different(torque is a good thing :)). If you need power real bad, ls/vtec like PUDS said-would be nice

ls/vetc there i just solved your problems

how’s the reliability of ls/vtec??..i’ve heard some say it destroyed their motor.

personally i plan on getting a 99 si head and putting it on my b18 im just gonna swap heads and throw in a chipped ecu to 8000 rpm’s redline… but before i do anything im gonna do a compression test.

A fully built LS/VTEC is reliable but just swapping heads is not safe and your stock bottom end won’t last long.

B17A: That’s great!


Hopefully this will inform you better on making the right decision.