b18a1 smoking.....

I had the block changed and did not do the valves about 10 months ago.stupid right.im new to this ok.i have been told that i can replace the whole head with say a gsr or a b20 or anoter head easier than changing valves,gaskets cams etc…any advice would be appreciated.its almost a daily driver so i dont want to loose reliability but i want to gain in the process.later

you can change to a gsr head ( ls/vtec) but thats not going to be any cheaper or easier to than changing your valves, etc. you have to run oil lines, etc and you are lookin at prob at least $400 for a gsr head in good condition

Yeah if I were you, I’d just get another B18A or B18B head. LS/VTEC is far more complex than most people will tell you, if you want it to be reliable.
A B18B will give you a little more power, and it shouldn’t be too hard to find one in good shape.

However, you say your engine is smoking – when is it smoking? Under full throttle or when you let off the gas or what?

the car smokes under hard throttle only.i also smell alittle fuel when at idle.i have changed a few sensors and run premium gas + octane booster and 20w 50 oil.i know i dont want to do ls/vtec to.a b18 b head would give a little better performance?better than a b20?should i get the head ported/polished or anything before i put it on?

I would go for b18b head and do not port or polish it! You can lose some power doing that way unless you put in nos, turbo, or supercharger. Just my .02

If it smokes under hard throttle, that typically means it’s a piston ring issue, more than a head issue…

so if im going to change the head should i change the rings or is this able to be done by just removing the head.i will prob go with the b18b head.i think im getting in over my head tho.i think i will end up paying someone to do this.

why are you running premium gas and using 20w-50 oil?

unless your motor calls for it, using regular 87 gas is fine. and 5w-30 or 10w-30 oil is also recommended.

Piston rings is a pretty major overhaul. If you can find a complete B18A or B18B with low miles, it would probably be cheaper than getting your rings and head replaced.

If i run 87 the car does not perform as good…honest…throttle responce/acceleration.If i use the 20 weight it does not smoke as bad when i get on the gas.

replace the engine with either a b18a/b or a b20b/z.

i am just going to swap the whole head with a good b18 head.i hope i dont have ring problems tho.if so i guess i will just have to put up with a little smoke.its not that it smokes bad.i just dont like it when i get on it hard and get smoke.i see several acuras around here that seem to have the same problem,so i guess i can learn to live with it.lol

Most of that is probably in your head. If it really DOES run better on 93, then you have problems. It would support the worn ring theory. 93 burns at a higher flashpoint, and requires more compression to burn properly than our stock engines have (not including GS-R). The higher pressure in the cylinder from running 93 can cause the compression ring to seal better, which you might feel as more power. But you are causing your engine to work harder to compress and burn that 93. Not to mention, the oil you are using is WAY too thick. If you have a stock engine and running ANYTHING different from what the factory recommends, then you have problems.

IMHO - you would be best served buying a low miles B18 or B20 to retain all the reliability and loose some of your problems. Do NOT try to change your rings with out a full engine overhaul. That is asking for trouble.