b18b from 96dc4 into 93 obd1 da9

Hi everyone.
I am putting a 96 b18b into my 93 da9. I have searched high and low and the advice I have is switch the intake manifold, injectors, fuel rail and distributor from my b18a1 to the b18b. The only problem I can see is that the b18b’s distributor has a different plug (one big grey plug) and all of it’s wires are the same colour. The b18a1 distributor has 2 plugs. How do I swap the distributors?
Or can I leave the b18b completely intact (apart from the swapped transmissions) or should I rewire the b18b with the b18a1’s engine harness?
If you can point me in the right direction I would be very appreciative.

ok, unless someone reckons otherwise, I will swap the engine harness from the 18A1 to the B. I guess the fuse box and batery are on the other side of the DA anyway.

Why not just use the the Obd1 distributor.

for an update. after doing the swap it seems so obvious. when you switch the intake manifold’s around all the wiring, fuel rail and injectors come with it. I also switched the alternator and distributor from the A to the B and the engine mounts. there is a big oil cooler on the back of the b18a1 that the b2 doesn’t seem to have.

Mean the big black breather box?

after googling. yes, I do mean the breather box.

another thing worth noting is that you have to swap the b18a crank pulley to the b18b as the powersteering belts are different.