B18b head swap

Could anyone clue me in as to what connection modifications I will have to make to swap a B18b head to my B18a? I know its a direct bolt on, but what about the OBD1 on the B18b while my 90 motor is non-OBD?

i did this swap to my car already…

u will need to keep the stock injectors, or else u will have to spice the wires to get the b18b injectors to fit… gets messy… umm… and keep the stock dist… … ummm… eveyrthing else is direct bolt on… make sure u check valve lashings and all that **** when u put it on… and right torque specs… … good luck… matt

What about the intake and exhaust manifolds? I assume that I keep my stock ones. So all of the oil lines and electrical connections are the same? No extension of wires? Are new head bolts needed? OBD1? Thanks

for the intake and exhaust manifolds i used a skunk2 and a dc 4-1 header… for the header u will have to relocate the o2 sensor by just tkaing a wire and extending it…if u r using the stock intake man from the newer integ, u will have to use ur stock tb, and plug up some of the holes in the manifold… just basically look at the stock one from ur old car, and just play with them… u will find where the tubes go… vaccumm isnt that important… most of that vaccum stuff is all for smog… u dont need it to run the car… it runs fine without… maybe better

I think we dropped you off from the last meet. My name is Josh.
Anyway, a guy I met is selling a 94+ complete head. I told him I would see if you were interested. If so email me and I will give him a call. I am at work right now and don’t have his number with me.



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email me max-hui@shaw.ca for more info.