B18B swap in 91 integra

I just had a few questions reguarding a B18B swap into my 1991 integra LS. First off I want to keep the car OBD0 and reuse all of my stock emissions equipment. So my question is can i use the alternator that the swap came with or do I need to reuse my old alternator to keep it OBD0? would I need to swap pulleys? Any information would be greatley appreciated.I know I need to extend the wires going to the thermostate housing but I also noticed that there is a plug on the back of the block could I remove that small plug and install the coolant temp sensor there? Please help

Well, for the alternator, as long as the plugs are the same, you’re good to go, that or re-use your original one.

As for the plug on the back, I just de-loomed, and moved the wires to the location on the back of the water neck. (or what ever it’s called “technically”)

Thanks for the reply. the B18B I purchased did not come with the engine harness. But if I unplug all the cut wires from the distributor(two wires) and connect my wires from the 91 integra engine harness it should work? What about the pulleys? are the belts different from 91 to 96? that is the power steering and a/c?

When I first bought my DA I had to swap out the B18a and went with a b18b. If I remember correctly everything swapped over. Pullys and stock sensors were all swapped. the only thing I think that was different was the water and oil pump that was swapped from a Type R.