b18b1 cams in b18a1

i heard that the cams for a b1 have bigger lobes then a1 cams to allow for better flow. correct me if im wrong but wouldnt this be a direct swap? im almost certain that the only difference in a1 and the b1 is the intake manifold, cams and computer. has anyone on here experimented or actually gained ay power by installing b1 cams? i would like to know everything about this before i make a great attempt and then suddenly fail lol.

im 90% sure you can same with the b20b (crv) engine

The cams are interchangable, and is a direct swap. The only difference in the cams are a slightly different timing, the B18a cams actually have a longer duration.


Intake Cam -
opens at -21.0 ATDC
closes at 31.0 ABDC

Exhaust Cam -
opens at 33.0 BBDC
closes at -19.0 BTDC

Lobe separation 116 deg.

Duration at .050" lobe lift

intake: 190 deg .225
exhaust: 194 deg .221


Intake Cam -
opens at -16.5 ATDC
closes at 23.5 ABDC

Exhaust Cam -
opens at 33.0 BBDC
closes at -23.0 BTDC

Lobe separation 114 deg.

Duration at .050" lobe lift

intake: 187 deg .225
exhaust: 190 deg .225

Cam specs courtesy of MichaelDelaney from http://www.team-integra.net/forum/display_topic_threads.asp?ThreadPage=2&ForumID=10&TopicID=12978

The intake manifold from the B18b and B18a are practically the same, with the vacuum lines in different locations. Its the throttle body that is different 58mm vs 60mm. You must use the B18b throttle body and map sensor with the B18b intake manifold. You will also have to extend the map sensor wires.

Honestly, you probably wont notice that 10hp difference.

do you have cam specs for the b20b?

my friends got a friend that did the cam swap with just cams and his car doesnt throw any codes and runs fine. he notices a dif in tq

just like when you notice a change in tq with you swich from 87 grade fuel to 91 grade… I dont really think the difference is worth the labore, your better off getting staged cams if you want to notice an increase in tq. Or doing the basic bolt ons like skunk intake, cai, 65mm t/b, headers and exhaust. If 10hp is what your looking for then you can hit that mark and pass it with basic boltons.

Im running a1 cams and they went in quickly and work great. If you can pick some up for cheap (i got mine for free) and you do the work your self it is worth doing. The gain is small but it’s there for sure and they sound a bit better at the top end. just my two cents

just get 403’s…b18b cam swap is a waste of time, just like 90-91 vs 92-93 only diff is the intake mani and ecu and maybe cams?

could you install aftermarket cams for a b1 in an a1?