B18B1 LS Won't stay running

hi everyone I am new to the forum and integras in general. I recently traded my Volvo for a 1990 DA with a 1998 B18B1 LS. The motor ran fine and drove great when I test drove but then I got it home and it sat for a few days. I tried to crank it and it wouldn’t turn over, only click. So I charged up the battery and got it to turn over but it turns off 3 seconds later. I changed the fuel filter and had no luck. THe fuel pump is running fine and I can’t seem to get it to run. Also the car has no air filter or intake system(I ordered one) and it idles a little high which I have been told is an easy fix. Any help would be great

Also the car has no ac or ps

When it does start…Does it come to an idle before it dies? Or just it just start and die right away?

Now it will only start if i spray starting fluid in the intake manifold and dies right after you stop spraying it. I was fine and then this started. I replaced the main relay and that didnt help.

Pretty sure that means it a fuel issue. You can hear your fuel pump prime? Crack the bolt on the fuel filter side where fuel comes from the pump after trying to start it and see if gas comes out.

Ok ill try that when i get home and update you

Fuel pump or Main relay?

I have recently had problems with my B18B1 swapped Da. It wont stay running. It only will with starting fluid and you have to keep adding it to keep it running. I can only think this would be the main relay or fuel pump. Can I test any of these to rule it out?

pull the main relay and inspect/reflow the solder joints. sounds like it’s only working in the prime circuit

Obviously it is a fuel problem, there are a number of things that could be wrong, as mentioned, pull the fuel line bolt at the filter, have a rag ready, hsve someone turn on the ign. for a sec. if fuel comes out of the line the fuel pump and PGM-FI Main Relay are most likely not the problem.

If you have fuel to the fuel filter then it is a good bet that it is an injector related problem, so the first test is to see if there is power at the injectors, test the wire that is the same color at all 4 injectors, yellow/black if it is a 98 engine harness, red/black if it is a 90 engine harness, regarless of the year it is always the lead that is the same color at all 4 injectors.

The power for the injectors is supplied by the injector relay in the PGM-FI Main Relay.

If you have power at the injectors the next test is to see if you have a ground pulse at the injectors a noid light is the best for that, but you can use an LED type test light or even a small 12V light bulb like a 194, [side marker bulb] sraighten out the terminal wires and stick them into the injector plug, crank the engine, bulb should flash. 94