b18b1 swap into Da9, need help please!

wass sup guys, i bought a 1990 integra ls M/t shell and i bought this b18b1 swap. motor came out off a 97 integra automatic, motor has intake mani with the injecters, tps an map sencer, also still have the a/t flexplate on the crankshift and alternater no starter or §§§§§. wiring hardness is al there in the car wit ecu. what do i need to buy or change in order to run this motor from obd2 to obdo???

Bolt on a 90-91 Integra complete intake manifold, distributor, wiring harness, use the 90-91 ECU. You should need anything. If you dont have a 90-91 Integra intake manifold, get OBD-1 injectors and run those in the B18B1 Manifold, if you run the B18B1 manifold you will also need to extend the MAP sensor wiring. There is a way to run the OBD2 B18B1 injectors but its more work than its worth.

Ok I could get da b18a1 intake mani and §§§§§, do I have to change da alternater even tho its for a/t ? An what about this A/T FLEXplate do I take dat off an bolt up the flywheel?

your gonna have to remove the flex plate to attach the flywheel but ur not gonna be able to use the bolts off the flex plate since they are shorter then the ones needed for the flywheel , the alternator well also need to be changed out for one without the pre obd2 plug , any one off a 90 t0 95 integra will work