b18c in a g2?

I’m thinking of doing an engine swap in my da9 and those ebay b18c’s are looking pretty spicy

does anyone know if the b18c swaps “easily” into the da9 chassis? you can get them online in packages with a transmission, ecu, axles & more.

I figure since they are both 1.8L variants it shouldn’t pose too much of a problem but I seek others opinions :slight_smile:

Check the teg tips, lots of info in there.
Also I’d buy from a reputable local dealer before Ebay. Since you’re in Ontario, talk to the guys at Teknotik.

I’d stay away from ebay when it comes to motors. Where will you go if the motor is bad? how much is shipping and duties?

Honestly I agree with G2 Racer, The guys at Teknotik know there shit. they are also extremely helpful with not only sourcing out the parts but offering suggestions and advice if you want it. I grabbed a lot of parts for my setup through them

im going the same route but i went the cheap way i just got the head and block for 800 bucks now i just need to know what else i need to get besides §§§§§ ecu my biggest question is does most of the b18a1 externals like alt starter sensors besides vtec and knock sensor im wodering can i use most of my ls stuff or do i have to go out and buy all the gsr stuff

well, you will have to convert obd. you will also need to get a cable tranny or a cable to hydro conversion kit ($350) a lot of the stuff will work, but you will have to use your cars wiring harness. you will want to cut the fuel injector wires and switch plugs on the gsr motor if you want to use the fuel injectors that come with the motor

Why cut the plugs and wires?

the plugs on your harness are different from the ones on the 94 and newer engines. they won’t plug into the injectors

u can mod the clips to fit. u can also run the obd0 injectors