b18c main caps

I was curious if the inner 3 main caps from a b18c would fit in to a b18a? I ask this because I picked up a b18c engine girdle for my ls/vtec setup.

Also, I AM familar with the modifications needed to make the b18a caps compatible with the b18c block girdle so I will not need that information.

Assuming this setup works…I will need to buy b18c bearings correct :confused:


main bearings are the same for b-series motors. what you have to worry about is that the caps off your ls were line-honed to match perfectly with your ls block. once you introduce different main caps you lose that alignment unless you bring it to a machine shop who can perform an align hone on your block with the new mains. that’s why you can’t just buy replacement main caps from honda.

Don, thanks for your reply.

What would you suggest? Should I have my center ls cap machined or should I have the b18c caps align honed? Should I scrap the idea and buy the Z10 piece?

This is the last issue I need to resolve before my block goes to the machine shop. Thanks again.

since you already have the b18c girdle i would stick with that. machine your middle ls cap & also machine the other two so that they can accept the b18c dowel pins. do an initial torque down for the crank using plastiguage to make sure that the clearances haven’t changed after the installation of the girdle.