B18c1 cams in a B17a1

So I’ve got some 94’ GS-R cams laying around and was wondering if it would be worth it to throw them in my B17, would it make a difference?

the general concensus is that all gsr cams are the same. however i haven’t met anyone who’s actually checked. the best speculation comes from dyno graphs i’ve seen of b16s doing cam swaps with b17 cams and others with c1 cams and getting similar gains, with no one graph showing anything significant over the other. soemtimes the 17 is higher and sometimes the c1 is higher.

maybe i’ll get a hold of a set of c1 cams and take the caliper to em and to my old 17 cams.

go buy yourself a caliper and measure both of your cams. then come back and post the results. and now that i think of it i can go check the specs on mitchell which i think ill go do now. thanks for the idea ill let you know what i find.

edit: just checked and they only give end play, journal runout and oil clearance. sometimes they give the lobe height and duration but not this time.

A caliper read will just give you the lobe height, not the profile or the valve height. To get an accurate measurement, you need to degree both of them. I compared a JDM B18C GSR intake and a B17 intake and a skunk2 stage 1 intake. I did not degree them. Skunk2 told me that their low cam profile is identical to the stock GSR. The opening and closing specs for the Acura cams is the same so I would believe that they are the same and they certainly look the same. On other forums I have read that they are the same. The skunk2 high cam lobe is definitely different, higher lift and longer opening. You can see the difference with the naked eye. My 2 cents.