b18c1 in 90 gs

i read the swap guide but i’d like to find out some stuff from the ones that have done it.

would 1st gen b16 dist bolt up?

the pr3 is for 1.6, gsr is a 1.8, i also have pr3 pistons and skunk 2 IM, whats the best chip to use.

original gs harness, will it plug into evrything ? or will i have to change some parts?

all help is appreciated,

try reading the swap guide again… it answers almost all of your questions.

quoted from the swap guide:

regarding the distributor: “Distributor-You can use your B18A distributor but the leg towards the front of the car has to be cut off to allow clearance for the VTEC purge assembly. You will only have two bolts holding your distributor, but that is adequate. You can do this or your other choice is to buy a non-OBD VTEC distributor (PR3). You can find them on the net for as little as $100, but most are priced at about $150. The OBD-1 Distributor that came with the motor cannot be used but can be sold for $150-$200.”
The pr3/ 1st gen b16a is the only obd0 vtec distributor.

regarding the ecu: “ECU-This motor will come with an OBD-1 VTEC ECU (P72). You cannot use this ECU with your harness that is inside your vehicle (non-OBD). So sell it and buy a non-OBD VTEC ECU (PR3, PWO). Either one of those ECU’s will run the OBD-1 B18C1 (with Skunk2 Intake Manifold) perfectly with your B18A1 harness.”
The stock pr3 will work just fine, the fuel curves and what not don’t really need to be much different for the different motor. For a chip…there isn’t going to be a “best chip to use” I’d suggest getting into touch with www.hyperducktuning.com and asking what they recommend. They have great prices, plus you get multiple chips when you order, that way you have a better chance of getting one that best suits your particular car. Also it would be a good idea to invest in some parts like a v-afc and fpr so you can do some of your own tuning.

regarding the harness and wiring: “Wiring Harness-You will need to use your existing B18A1 cream plug wiring harness. It will plug into everything on the motor except for the distributor and injectors. You’ll have to add the 3 wires for VTEC, knock sensor wire, and the second oxygen sensor. Also, the temperature switch on this motor is located on the thermostat housing unlike your B18A1 which is located on the back side of the block, so you will have to cut and extend the two wire plug to reach the thermostat housing. But this is fairly easy.[/color] The gray plug harness that comes with the OBD-1 B18C1 cannot be used, but can easily be sold for $100-$125 as they are in high demand.”
Dan pretty well summed it up, just add the vtec wires, once you swap dist and injectors those will plug in, and then just extend the wires for the ect switch (temp switch).