b18c1 into 92 gsr?

I am about to purchase a 98 jdm engine. b18c1 and install into my integra. what is going to be different? I know about hydrolic change. obd2. Im get harness and ecu. Will it be difficult or some what simple? All opinions welcome! Its this or b16a2

i personally didnt do the swap myself, but when i got a 97 gsr done in my da9, i had to buy new mounts and the cable to hydro conversion kit which i got online. the kit cost like $800 i believe. their phone number is 562-801-1808. i dont think its on the www.passwordjdm.com site though. let me know how it comes around if you’re doing it. also, watch out for the intake because the manifold sits lower than the ls.

well you need either a stock obd1 gsr ecu then wire in your secondaries, or run a chipped p28/p72. harness does no good at all. oem tranny would actually be a little faster acceleration than the hydro gsr tranny. if you still have the b17 swap i would just swap that distributor, and tranny right over onto the c1 engine. if you dont have the oem parts you can buy an adaptor for the distributor or splice the obd2 connector onto your obd1 harness. the tranny isn’t a big deal, you should really search because a few of us discussed it more in depth. if you use a hydro tranny you are loosing some pedal feel, most people perfer cable. you can convert your tranny to cable using the innovative conversion bracket which is $170, but you would be better off converting your car to hydro which will probably costs about $100. there is a how to on it, you use all 3rd gen integra parts. either way to mount the hydro tranny you will need a conversion mount which i cant find pricing on alone right now. for the whole conversion kit from innovative they want 430 including the cable bracket which is 170. i have seen the conversion arm and tranny mount used for about 150-200.

you need a different tranny mount to use a hydro tranny?

if it’s a JDM engine it’s B18C, not B18C1. Don’t go for a hydro conversion, your tranny fits as is. Especially if you have the original 92-93 GSR tranny, the gearing is perfect. http://www.superhonda.com/forum/showthread.php?t=218900

I have this exact swap. I kept my old 90 cable tranny for now, but bought a 93 YS1 for the casing to eventually swap internals with a ITR LSD tranny.

Use an OBD1 B18C ECU (94-96 P-72). You’ll need to wire the secondary butterflies in the intake manifold.

Edit : oops! just noticed the date of the original post, I bet the swap is done already lol

doubtful. most people on here are dreamers.