B18C1 obd1 install

B18C1 obd1 install in my 92 integra with auto trans.
Need info on this
i have the motor(entire) and ecu p72(auto) for it now i just want to know what i have to do to wiring.

Reply asap hoping to do this today
Thanks InSane-Cliff

Why auto?

dont have the money nor time to convert to manual

it should be the same as a 5spd swap

have to get a hydro mount idk if u do for the auto to auto but for the manual u do

i mean for this ecu pr4-a61(auto) to p72-901(auto)

Thanks Cliff

you need to use your harness on your b18a and put it on the b18c, then run the extra wires for the vtec. still, auto is lame. not worth the swap at all if you stay auto

well i dont have enought money right now for ys1 and im planning on doing it this winter

hey is there going to be a problem running a p72 4 plug ecu tho?

well, if your switching from obd0 to obd1, then yes. you either need to get a conversion harness or you a pr3 ecu

If you read his post you’d see he has a 92, so he doesn’t need to convert to obd1.

thanks for read i do have a 92 lol well i got the pin outs for that ecu. so thanks ppl

First Question Is That A JDM Motor And Trans
Second If So Then Is That A Jdm ECU
If So Then Make Sure You Get A Jdm TCU (transmission control unit)
If You Dont Have That Then you Wont Idle Properly And Every Time You Stop The Motor Will Shut Off If Youve Got All That Its Only A Matter Of Hooking Up THe Wiring Harness Which Shouldnt Be A Problem Since ITs OBD1 To OBD1

And If It Is All JDM Youll Also Have TO Get A JDM Or Custom Mounting Bracket FOr The ECU Since USDM And JDM Use Two Different Shaped ECU’s

ok this is wats up

it a 95 gsr usdm motor and my ls auto trans the fourth plug on here is for the tcu its built into the ecu from wat i was told right now im running this engine off my ls ecu no problems yet. i know the ls auto gear raito is not right for this motor unless i transfer the tcu wires to the ecu.