b18c1 torque specs please

ok well im putting a new headgasket timing belt on and i need the torque specs and squences for the head bolts,cam holders, and everything else related for a 94 b18c1 also lmk if the torque specs for a b17a are the same as the b18c1 thanx in advance.

anyone please help

sequences are the same, headstuds to ~60, (mine are arp at 80#) cams to 17#…work diagnollay its common sense

Also in two-stages, at least. (finger tight in sequence, and torque one at a time, in sequence)

Btw, shop manuals are your friend when taking apart your motor… :slight_smile:

ok so head studs to 60 ft lbs but u said cam holders to 17 ft lbs ??? please just lmk for sure

anyone got any links where i can get more specs and or see some pics like from a helms manual. thanx fellas

The cam holders are a lil more complicated… Don’t think I can get an image cuz the document I have is secured and won’t let me do anything with it.

Smaller bolts are 7.2ft-lbs and the bigger bolts are 20ft-lbs; though.

thanx so much um there used to be a website all about b18c1 motors but now i cant find it lmk if anyone has the link.

Torque head studs from center to outside looking something like this

8 6 2 4 10
9 3 1 5 7

Make sure you put engine oil on the threads and the washers of the head bolts. Torque in two steps. The first step in the above pattern to 22 ft-lbs. The second step is 61ft-lbs.

As far as the cam bolt torque goes, please refer to my VTEC cam install guide in the teg tips. Enjoy.

thanx everyone