b18c1 will fit on b20 head? is it better than a b20 block

Hey i searched so dont flame!

well i was wondering 2 things

would a
-97 gsr B18c1 shortblock fit on a B20Z head?

-also would a b18c1 block be better than a b20b shortblock?

because theres a b18c1 shortblock for sale like 20 min away for me for $500 is that worth it

would i have to change nething to make it fit in my stock 91.?

or should i just go with teh b20block


If you are running a nonVTEC head don’t run a VTEC block. I have heard of people trying it, but it never works well. Just run the B20 bottom end with the head. Don’t bother with the B18C1 bottom end unless you have a VTEC head for it.

allright thanks alot that was what i was looking for

i found a guy sellign a B20b block with Crower Rods and JE Pistons with a C-ratio of 10.5:1

will that run well…as in fast and still pretty reliable?

I have no way of knowing if it will run well or not. But it should be fast. Power and reliability depend on how well it was built.