B18C5 Intake, Vacuum lines, MAP sensors HELPPP

So I finally put a 2001 Type R in my 92 four door teg. Ive searched and searched maybe not well enough but I thought Id throw this out there.
Im wondering how to run the vacuum lines properly on the Type R Intake and what to do with the firewall mounted sensors. Ive seen some pics of guys running the TB mounted MAP and getting rid of one or both of the firewall mounted sensors others have the TB sensor capped off.
Any one have any clarity??? Thanks

Delete the two ‘canister’ style sensors.

Run a throttlebody with the MAP sensor mounted on top. You will have to extend the factory wiring MAP wiring to get enough length.

After that vaccum lines are very easy to figure out.

You can keep the factory sensors and setup, you just have to be creative with the routing. Look at the factory setup, and replicate that. Easy enough.