b20 head gasket on b18 block....urgant

well im putitn a 99 b20z head on a b18 block

and i baught a OEM B20 headgasket

it just came in and i opened it…

do u guys think it would work?

from the edge of teh headgasket to the cylinder wall there is about this length - of space that metal is not covered

*the dash is the amount of space…
maybe a TINY bit more…

what do u guys think would it work

No, this won’t work properly. You’ll have to get a PR4/ B18A headgasket.

well i talked to teh dealer today and even though i opend the headgasket they said thed give me a full exchange for the b18 one. so im happy thanks! :slight_smile:

just takes about a week to come in so my cars gonna be sitting prolyl another month :frowning:

Good to hear, but its worth it doing things the right way the first time around!