B20 Swap Question

When you are using a B20B Head with the PCV Valve located on the top of the valve cover and a B18A intake manifold, where the PCV valve is located on the intake manifold, Do you use one or the other or both? If you plug one off which one and what is good to plug it off with? Thanks for the help!


i dunno, can’t you use your b18 valve cover and save some weight too?

I already cut the b20 valave cover for the cam gears and have most of it polished. Will the B18A valve cover even fit?

use the b20 valve cover, run the hose to the intake manifold the same place the PCV went from the one that was on your manifold

Thanks for the help Jesse!

contact Endyn , they sell a kit to relocate your pcv. had to use it on my crvvtec buildup “gsr head”.



no need for that, its a big waste of money