b20 swap question

right now i have an ls and i want to swap in a b20 99-00…will my mounts work with the b20 and can i use the ls ecu or do i need the b20 ecu??

your motor mounts and motor mount brackets will fit bolt on, and the pr4 ecu will work just fine…its literally a bolt-on experience…use your intake manifold if the b20 has the giraffe style one as well

What he said is correct but with the mounts like he said you need to use the mount bracket from the driver mount from your LS block and the rear T brace thing from your LS also. Use your LS exhaust manifold also and distributor.

go with an obd1 ecu and distributor. makes things run alot smoother.

you will love the b20z swap… i promise

dont you need to run obd1 injectors also?

my da is a 93 so itz already obd1

thanx for the help guys and i wll be gettin the b20z soon…

nope. im running a p72 ecu and obd1 distributor with obd0 injectors on my b20z. i got the ecu chipped and CROME tuned and a blox fuel pressure regulator to modify fuel flow.

the difference between the b18a and the b20z is like night and day. the b20 pulls HARD.
Any performance mods getting done when you do the swap?
I recommend getting a light flywheel (im rocking a fidanza 7.5 lb) and a blox/skunk2 intake manifold.

i meant the b20z injectors. swap over his LS injectors onto the B20z.

i have anothe ques. my DA is a 93 so its obd1. the B20z will most likely be 99-00. do i need to covert from obd1 to obd2??

you’re slacking bro. run obd1. everything you need to know has already been said in this thread. everything from your LS motor will transfer over to the b20 such as the distributor, injectors. intake manifold if you want…bla bla bla. its all plug and play. a b20 is like buying an LS shortblock and transferring everything over.

Basically, you swap the wiring harness, distributor, accessories and brackets, manifolds, injectors, engine mounts and brackets, and crank pulley (B20 one is different) from the LS onto the B20. As far as I remember, the only plug on the OBD1 harness that you don’t use is a green one on the back where that oil box is on the LS, and the only OBDII sensors on the B20 that you don’t use are the knock sensor and crank position sensor.

I used the B20z intake manfold, fuel rail, and injectors (requires raising the rear of the hood or cutting a notch in the frame part of the hood to make it to clear the intake manifold, splicing in the OBDII injector wiring harnesses, and adjusting the length of the throttle cable at the pedal, and tuning).