b20 vtec build...opinions please!

Now have my b20b block and gsr head.
Time to build.
Goal hp: 225

Let me know if im going too far or missing something or need something other than what i have listed.

B20 block:

Stock crank
Acl bearings
Eagle rods
Arp rod and head bolts
Gsr water pump
84.5 mm pistons 12.1 cr
Vtec line kit
Cometic head gasket

B18c1 head:

Brian crower stage 2 cams
Brian crower valve train
Port and polish head
68mm tb
Skunk2 pro intake manifold
Port intake manifold
440cc injectors
Aem fuel rail
Aem fuel press. Regulator

Any comments to help build a good build for daily and weekend track once a month. Thanks!

That looks like it would definitely get you there. Personally, I would skip the pressure regulator and the rail unless you want it for looks. Your factory fuel system other than some slightly larger injectors will support that power easily. You planning on running the RS Machine 84.5 ITR replicas? Also ( and this might spark some controversy, it always seems to), the rod bolts are great for piece of mind, but not necessary. Also, you’re technically supposed to get the big end of the rod resized whenever you put the new bolts in, but I’ve never had issues with that ever either. People constantly talk about how ls/b20 bottom ends are weak, same rod bolts as d series, etc. I’ve only put together two of these engines. One with ARP, and one without. Never had an issue with either one, and both saw 8900 religiously. A number of friends have had the same setups with no issues. But this is just daily thrashing, no road coursing or anything like that. As far as cams, I know zero about Brian Crower stuff. I do know that a set of Skunk2 Pro1’s would be a great cam for that setup. Might compare the two and see which one is better. Also, with a b20 bottom end, the only breathing spots for the engine are the pcv valve in the valve cover, and the barb that runs to the intake. I like to run the Prelude oil cooler fittings to a catch can with a single filter. Breathes very well that way. But not really necessary.

I would indeed upgrade the rod bolts as mentioned. They do indeed put the SOHC rod bolts in the LS/B20, the tensile and sheer strength of these compared to stock vtec bolts is scary… I’d for sure opt for some ARPs.

Other than that you’re looking pretty good with that setup.

look up the B20v forum.
70mm tb
jg eddlebrock manifold
5 angle valve cut.
a 2.5 catback
really good 4 2 1 headers like the hytech. you will have to modify your ls oil pan to make it fit.snug.

eagle rods come with arp 2000 hardware