B20 vtec dyno run.

My B20 vtec experience, and some pics of my setup.

JDM B20B low c/r, 1st geb B16 head, CTR Intake cam, ITR exhaust cam, ITR I/M, generic riceboy spec, small diameter CAI, B&M fpr @ 46psi, Mugen chipped P28, stock B20 t/b, stock B20 exhaust manifold, test pipe, stock DA exhaust, stock DA muffler.

I am aware of the tuning needs, especially in the fuel delivery department… other things that need adressing are a lower vtec xover, a proper exhaust, and higher compression.
Any comments are welcome.


wheres the pics!!! I’m dyin to see this motor…

Well, I thougt I could use WTDR.com to host the pics, but something got messed up. I will try again.


Go to the appropriate folder.



looks like one hell of a job… that car should pull like hell once that motor is tuned…


What’s that pipe-looking-thing on the right side of the engine?

It appears to be the lines to a remote oil filter.

That is correct… its an Omori Meter filter relocation kit.


B20 vtec dyno run.

maybe I missed it in your pics?




The dyno run pics are in the folder “B20 vtec dyno run”
Check this link, and go to that folder. I renamed it more appropriately.



thats a pretty good run on your b20vtec

i got the same b20b low comp block too…and soon to put on a stock b17a head/manifold…i kind of see where i stand on HP and TQ…other things added is act 8.8lbs flywheel w/ act 4puck disc, along with a jdm y1 tranny w/ basic bolt ons…H/CAI/EX and vtec/fuel controller…

i’ll post up my dyno after the build and tune…

Cool… good luck on your buildup. As you cen see on my AF graph, im in desperate need for fuel tuning… When I first ran the setup with stock B16 cams, it ran off the scale lean, thats with a Mugen chipped ECU! Had to increase the fuel pressure 10 psi over stock to get it to run right. Made those numbers on the lowest grade fuel… timing at 18 deg BTDC.


Yikes, that’s a nasty little torque dip you have there. You definitly have potential in your hands though…


Yes, the torque dip starting at 4800rpm is due to the high vtec xover point, the low cams do make power anylonger above 4800.
When vtec engages at 5700rpm, you see a massive spike in power and torque, to the tune of 20lbs and almost 25hp from 5700rpm to 5800! Thats the mugen program… tuned for a much smaller engine. Vtec neecs to engage at about 4800-5000rpm.



ill have a dyno soon to, i have a b20, JE 11.2 pistons, arp rod bolts, mugen p28, 95 gsr head, milled, ported and polished, skunk valve train, 3 angle valve job, skunk2 intake man, ctr cams, aem cam gears, dc header soon to get a JDM ITR, need a vafc, got a b&m FPR, 93 gsr tranny, itr flywheel

Looking forward to seeing what this setup does with high compression and exhaust… the things that I am lacking basically.
The numbers should be impressive.