b20 vtec ecu ??

hey everyone i bought a 91 gs with a b20 vtec swap already done in it. i dont know alot about acuras but i am learning.well my question is i would like to go with some type of forced induction but the ecu in the car has been chipped by skunk 2 and i am sure it has advanced timing.what do you all suggest i do. such as change the ecu all together. i am not sure what ecu it has . is there anyway to tell? i dont fully understand the non-obd,obd-1, etc.

    any and all info will be greatly appreciated

any ideas ?? anyone??:think:

im guessing from your name its obd0.take a look at the side of the ecu there is a a sticker on it it will tell you.look for the letter p and then the next two numbers will tell you.
obd0 is 91 and before
obd1 is 92-95
obd2 is 96+

thanks kombo83-- i checked my ecu and it is a pr4.the car came with a apexi vtec controller.is this setup ok or would i be better off to go with a vtec ecu?like i said i bought the car like this so i am just tyring to make it as correct and reliable as possible.if i switch to a vtec ecu will i be able to use my stock wiring harness?

       thanks in advance

im confused

how do you have a pr4 that doesnt make any sense.what head do you have does it say dohc vtec on it.oh well yeah u can use your stock harness but you got add 3 wires( a knock sensor vtec sensor and o2 sensor).i suggest you get a vtec ecu most likely a obd0 pr3.