b20 Vtec Setup SOON To bE

i have a stock b20b block with the 8.8:1 cr pistons and i just got a complete b17 head…(i had a b20 head that was milled and gave me atleat 10.0:1 cr and felt pretty good.

question is…

do i need to make bigger valve reliefs on the pistons for the vtec valves, i notice the pistons are like bowls…will they touch?
and i will be milling the head to give me atleat 10.1:1 cr. OPTION
the block will have a gsr girdle and a block guard for adding durability and will be replacing the flywheel with a lightened one 8lbs.

daily driven 7.5k redline 4400 vtec w/KICK VTEC controller…w/ a jdm s1 tranny w/ phantom grip.

will this be safe?