b20 vtec

i want to build a b20 vtec and put it in my integra ls. which vtec heads can i use to do this? are certain vtec heads better than others? which is the cheapest?

cheapest is the b16a head…i believe any b series vtec head will work.

And the B18C5 or B18C-R (JDM) has a mild port and polish. The ITR and CTR have the best cams as well.

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i want to build

first figure out what you really want when you say this.

in the holy trinity of engine modification you must deal with money, reliability, and power. Without all three of these, you mine as well do nothing at all

so until you know how much you are willing to spend, I cannot tell you how reliable and powerful your motor will be


i hope u have deep pockets… b20vtec is not cheap… look to spend about $3000-5000… back to the topic… gsr head is the best head to use on a frank motor (ls/vtec ,crvtec) gives you the .02 bump in compression, your low to mid range torque increases… www.importreview.com has a dyno b16a head vs gsr head on a ls/vtec