Hey everybody. I have a 92 gsr with 120+ mi. I was thinking of putting in a B20 block with my B17 head. Would this produce any better results or basically a waste of money? thanks

Well brain, as much as we imports don’t like to admit it, there is no replacement for displacement. So, the bigger 2.0L B20 will produce bigger numbers than the little 1.7L. That’s all fine and dandy, but honda engineers built the two engines differently. A b20 was not made to rev past 7000rpms reliably. So, at the least, you would need stronger rods and pistons and have your entire bottom end balanced. Expect to pay a little more than a grand for the block and this work to be done. If done correctly though you should be able to take down V8 cars with ease.

That’s not to say that you can’t rev to 7k and get good power. Probably would be faster than your existing setup, and MUCH better lowend drivability. With the larger b20/v displacement, the HP rolloff should be a little lower than the b17’s, so you may not even have to rev to 8k to get all the power available. Of, course when the type R cams go on etc etc, up go the rpms.