B20B 1992GS Starting Problems


I’m rather new to the forum and I was just finishing up my swap into my 1992GS but I’ve ran into a couple of problems as stated below.

Everything has been successfully swapped over and into the GS without any problems through the entire swap, removed Powersteering and going to remove Air Conditioning but it’s still installed at the moment. Stage 4 Clutchmasters Clutch (also flywheel) combo and it’s installed fine no problems.

The problem I’m having is it’s not starting at all, I can get it to fire on all the cylinders but the car will simply NOT start and run. I’ve tried swapping the plugs/wires as well as making sure it’s getting fuel into the engine and checking anything to do with those…

My question is this tho, is there anything that I’m missing concerning the distrubutor? I think there’s something there that’s causing me my problems/headaches because looking at my b20b §§§§§ it’s installed a complete 180 opposite than the LS one I have and I just feel like this is my issue…

So if anyone would care to elaborate on that part of the install for me it would be highly appreciated. I’ve attempted to search concerning the distributor (as well as read like a 12pg thread) concerning the b20b but nothing came up about a firing order or a problem with their cars starting after the swap.

Thank you,

check ur grounds the one on the t-stat houseing and also the one on the transmission make sure there clean i ran into a similar problem and it just ended up being a ground. lmk if this helps

timing all set ??? ur distributer good ???


The grounds to my knowledge are clean I scraped the area in which the grounds went and reapplied them.

Timings set as it hasn’t been moved off the old engine and it was doublechecked before I secured the engine back in. Distrib is fine as I’m getting spark to all cylinders and the plugs/wires have been checked so they are great to…

I can’t think of anything else to try.

here are some things to try:

  • maybe the distributor is 180 out? remove, adjust, then reinstall the distributor and see if that helps
  • is the car priming? if not check the main relay
  • does the check engine light come on for 2 seconds after putting the key in the “on” position? if not double check the ground on the thermostat (this problem caused me month of headache before i started to retrace wiring). it is the ground for the ecu. without it the ecu will not operate.
  • are you getting spark? if not could be cap and rotor. replace if in doubt, they are cheap.

if any of that doesn’t work then try to get into the more mechanical stuff:

  • check compression
  • check that there is enough oil
  • vaccum leaks
  • coolant leaks (worst case would be the headgasket is out and coolant is flooding the cylinders. not likely but still possible)
  • maybe the distributor is 180 out? remove, adjust, then reinstall the distributor and see if that helps

It was 180 out last time I checked which is why I’m assuming I can simply swap the plugs around to get around the problem of it being 180 out right?

Sorry guys, I’m usually a DSM guy and have successfully built a 12sec DSM and had it running well just decided to try another ride so Honda/Acura it is.

Thanks for the reading so far guys!

pull the distributor off and rotate the part that engages the cam 180 degrees. then reinstall. make sure the plugs wires are in the right places and they all correspond to firing order 4-3-1-2. hope that helps.

Got It!
You were right about the 180 off guys :bowdown: !!!

But now the other problem I’ve sadly ran into is the 3.5k rpm cutoff and it’s the ckp sensor it seems like. Distributor I’m assuming is having problems but it didn’t do it on the old engine (till about 2 days before the swap) and it’s a new Distrubitor so I don’t think it’s defective…

Is it possible that it could be the plugs?

could be the distributor, even if it’s new there is a possibility it might be defective. try the one from your old b18 and see if the problem goes away.